• California Windshield Technicians Association

  • Expert Advice on What to Do When the Windshield Shatters

    The California Windshield Technicians Association (CWTA) has shared its expertise on proper windshield care during a recent private sector organized driving safety summit held in San Diego.


    During his 20-minute lecture CWTA President Luke Davidson gave pointers on what drivers can do if their windshield suddenly cracks and shatters on them while they are driving. “It is important that we know how to appropriately deal with this type of situation to avoid even more problems like accidents and injuries,” said Davidson.


    According to the CWTA the first thing to do is to find out if you can still safely stop the vehicle in lay-by or a road shoulder. Once you have already safely parked your car at the side of the road, carefully get out of the car and ask your passengers to do the same. Do not close the car doors too hard as this may cause vibration on the windshield and may cause other pieces to collapse further.


    Once you have exited the car safely, try to look for a newspaper, or a piece of cloth that you can use to cover the outside vents of the car. If you have some extra then you may want to cover the insides too.


    Take appropriate photos for documentation and insurance claims. Then call up for assistance from a trusted mobile windshield replacement service.

    In some cases though when the driver has to push through with the trip despite what had happened, then the CWTA advises that the driver try to carefully push the glass away from the car, until all the pieces have already been removed from the windshield. Dispose off the glass safely. AutoGlass Safety Council


    Once this has been safely done, clear the seats and insides of the vehicle from shards. If you have sun glasses, wear some to protect your eyes from small pieces that you may not have been able to remove and may land into your eye once you are driving.


    You can then drive off to the nearest gasoline service station. Inquire about temporary windshields and install them until you can drive off to your destination and seek for professional windshield replacement. National Windshield Repair Association


    It is important though that as soon as you can manage, you should have your windshield replaced. Temporary windshields cannot protect the car from harmful elements like the rain and strong winds, and it definitely cannot prevent burglars from robbing what is inside your car.


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